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  REDe Architects现有设计人员20余人,专业涵盖了建筑设计,室内设计,环境艺术设计及软装配饰设计等,是一家专注于提供中小型高端精品设计服务的专业化公司。根据项目的特点,公司向客户提供从建筑规划设计,室内设计,景观设计,灯光设计直至软装配饰设计的一体化服务,以保证设计理念可以始终如一的贯彻到最终的设计产品里。
  公司管理层由国际化团队组成,已在国内外完成了多个极具影响力的高端定制项目,在实践过程中积累了从概念设计、方案设计直至施工图设计及现场服务等一套系统的设计及设计管理经验。我们主张高端定制产品的设计要解决问题,最终在运营层面帮助业主找出最佳的专业解决方案。我们主张要做真实的设计,从设计初始就让各个专业都参与到设计过程中,在与客户充分交流的基础上,理解客户所需,甚至发现客户没有意识到的问题,细致推敲每一个问题,保证最终的设计产品可以高质量的完成。REDe Architects与北京服装学院有着广泛的合作,完成了北服传习馆,成人教育学院等一系列项目,受到业主方的一致认可。

REDe  Architects is a Beijing based boutique architecture firm specializing in providing architectural and interior design services for high-end customers from the private and institutional spaces. With about 20 professional staffs, we deliver highly integrated solution, starting from architectural planning, interior design, landscape design, all the way to lighting design and accessories to carry out customized design needs. Our current projects include residential, club houses, restaurants and boutique hotels.
The management of REDe Architects is composed of a internationalized team, with rich experiences in the high-end design space and successfully completed numerous influential customized projects in China. We manage the design process based on a systematic approach: from conceptual design, thematic design to construction document and on-site service. We believe that a customized design proposal needs to help the client solve their problem, and our job is to find the best professional solution for the clients from the operational level. We believe in authentic design, coordinating every support function to participate in the design process from the project initiation, so that everyone understands what the client truly needs, or even uncover potential issues before the client does. We strive to refine every detail to ensure that the final design product is of the highest quality. REDe Architects has established intensive collaboration with BIFT. By completing Traditional Fashion Arts Museum, Adult Education College, REDe Architects got recognition from Clients.
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